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Help Achieve Justice, Equity & Systemic Change For Moms & Children Experiencing Homelessness.

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Help Achieve Justice, Equity & Systemic Change For Moms & Children Experiencing Homelessness.

Uplifting Our Beloved Community for 30+ Years!

Dear Friends,

Maribel's life has been transformed with the help of Brookview House. She has regained her emotional health, is in an undergraduate degree program studying to become a social worker, and secured a permanent apartment of her own. “The impact of the assistance I received from Brookview is tangible and profound. Brookview House saved my life and helped me create a second chance at living with dignity and purpose. Most importantly, it helped me show my son the power of never giving up and the importance of a supportive community,” reflects Maribel.

When you donate to Brookview House, you are investing in a nationally recognized, award-winning program that supports mothers and their children and that has proven the effectiveness of its model time and again.

Maribel, originally from Florida, has always been determined to succeed in life. But life had thrown her more challenges than most people can imagine. She faced cycles of abusive relationships and lots of family chaos. As a result of the stress, her mental health suffered and ultimately she found herself jobless and homeless. She and her teenage son needed a lifeline.

Even when hunger gnawed at her empty stomach and despair weighed heavy on her heart, Maribel did not give up. Her dogged determination to thrive brought her to Massachusetts looking for a safe haven and a supportive community.

According to a recent article in the Commonwealth Magazine in which Maribel’s story is featured, “survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse sit at the uneasy intersection of the system’s housing and welfare purposes. They are fleeing from unsafe conditions into the swamped shelter system, while also often needing additional social and mental health supports before they can try to break into the hard-to-crack housing market.” Faced with this reality, Maribel persevered and was eventually notified that she had been invited into the Brookview House community. With that phone call, Maribel felt tears welling up in her eyes as she realized that for the first time in a long while, someone cared.

Since her arrival at Brookview House, in addition to having a comfortable apartment and a caring community, Maribel and her son have thrived with access to supports and services that help residents meet life’s challenges from a position of strength. From counseling services to academic enrichment programming, education and training opportunities, support with finding employment, and assistance with mapping out a pathway to permanent housing, Brookview is the lifeline that Maribel wished for and that she and her son needed.

When you donate to Brookview House, you are a changemaker, uplifting our beloved community. You are ensuring the availability of a safe haven where families can rebuild their lives, heal their wounds, and find a pathway to a brighter future.

Please help us meet our goal of raising $150,000 by year-end so we can continue to support families in need of a lifeline. With you by our side, we will sustain a strong and compassionate community where everyone has a chance to thrive.

With gratitude for your generosity,

The Rev. Dr. Althea M. Smith

Chair, Board of Directors